We are specialists in supply, installation and maintenance of Metallic Roofs for different projects and a wide variety of applications. No matter how specific your project is, we have the right solution for your requirements!

Effective planning for your project's structure.

We ensure a total optimization through the planning in manufacturing, assembly and setting up of all the project's elements.

Based on a reliable design, our engineering systems guarantee an efficient operation, according to your needs. 




Supply, installation and maintenance of metal roofs.


We are market leaders, through the implementation of metal roofs with high standards of construction and the most advanced materials.

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Materials with high quality and resistance.

In Lamitechos we manage a wide range of high value-added steel products with different types, sizes and grades according to each application. 

We are official distributors of Ternium, the leading steel producer in Latin America.









Specialized structures for each application.

Through our advanced technology equipment, such as: foll forming machines, gutter machines, benders and cutters, we are able to manufacture each piece with the perect dimensions and with high standards.

The best equipment for the best solutions.

Our highly qualified professionals have a great expertise in different projects within the Mexican Republic.

No matter the type of project, our trucks, cranes and forklifts give us a competitive advantage for the assembly and setting up of all kind of facilities.

Ceilings, facades and metal mezzanines.

We are specialists in the supply and installation of metal roofs in their different profiles, from Metal Deck, Acotechos (Super Span) and Slope Gutters, to the installation of Refrigeration Chambers and HeatValve Gravity Ventilators.

We extend the life of your Metal Roof

In Lamitechos, we are able to handle all preventive and corrective maintenance in all types of metal roofs.


We extend the life of your roofs, facades and metal mezzanines, saving you money, your time and avoiding any unnecessary inconvenience.


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