We are specialists in the supply and installation of metal roofs in their different profiles, from Metal Deck, Acotechos (Super Span) and Slope Gutters, to the installation of Refrigeration Chambers and HeatValve Gravity Ventilators.





Supply, installation and maintenance of metal roofs.


We are market leaders, through the implementation of metal roofs with high standards of construction and the most advanced materials.

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Supply, installation and maintenance of metal decks with a SSR KR -18 system, in a Zintro or Pintro metal sheet with its different measures and percentage of acrylic or polycarbonate sheets.

  • Slope gutters in one single piece, up to 30 meters.

  • 25. losacero Pintro or Zintro metal sheets in different dimensions.


  • R- 101, RN- 100/35 and/or KR -18 walls, easels, gutters and all necessary accessories for metal decks.


  • Multypanel for walls and ceilings.


  • Thermal insulations such as fiberglass mat and foamular in its different thicknesses.

  • Manufacturing and installation of Heatvalve gravity fans.

  • R-101, RN-100/35, R-90, RD-91.5, SSR-3/24 and SSR–GRIP metal sheets, as well as all existing TERNIUM profiles.


  • 218, 18, 95 and all STABILIT metal sheets.


  • Direct sale of metal sheets to contractors in all TERNIUM and STABILIT existing kinds.


Structural profile made ​​on site with crimp side lap and fasten to the structure by fixed or mobile clips.

  • No length restrictions, eliminating cross-wise overlaps.

  • The system, based on hidden fastening clips, reduces the risk of possible leaks, since drilling a hole in the metal sheet is not required for its installation.


  • No length restrictions as it is manufactured in one gutter or ridge piece.


  • It can be installed in decks with a slope up to 2%.


  • It also allows the installation of insulating materials.


It is a self–supporting system based on Zintro and Pintro steel arches, manufactured on site and joined together by an electric binding machine, which makes it an hermetic system.

  • It covers up to 40 meters without any intermediate depending on the location.

  • It is a complete sealed system thanks to the absence of transverse joints and screws, the union between panels is made by seaming them.


  • It's made on 3" roll metal plate Pintro and Zintro, with dimensions of 16, 18, 20 , 22 and 24.


  • The panels are manufactured on site with our own equipment "MIC" and "Super-Span". These equipment rolls the materials to get the required length.


The ribbed steel plate TR-101 is a rectangular Ternium type. It has an excellent acceptance in the market due to their geometric properties which allow it to maintain good structural and appearance characteristics.

  • Easy to install.

  • Wide variety of dimensions, textures and, lenght.


  • Excellent lifetime.


Product made ​​from Ternium Zintro Alum or Pintro coated steels, mainly used for industrial roofing and commercial buildings.

It has a seaming system that requires clips for fastening it, which are hidden to form a lateral union without the need to drill parts for their fixing. It also allows installation in low slope decks (up to 2 %).

  • It can work for FM.

  • Low maintenance cost.


  • Excellent structural capacity.


  • The system can be supplemented with insulating material.


Multypanel is a building system consisting of panels made in continuous lines formed by two Pintro Sheets sides and insulated with polyurethane foam for roofs, walls, facades and freezing chambers.

The isolated  Ternium Multypanel is perfect to use in all kind of buildings.

  • Energy Savings due to its high R Factor.

  • Easy and Fast Installation.


  • Structural Strength.

  • Adaptable to any type of construction.


  • Off-site manufacture, allowing strict quality standards in the outcome.


Metallic mezzanine with great capacity and structural resistance to interact with concrete, eliminating the wooden formwork. It is ideal for use in buildings slabs and all types of structures.


  • Speed ​​in construction.

  • Structural resistance.

  • Anticorrosive.